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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 



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The "House Of Fullfilled Rasta" and other infiltrations into Rasta by the Christafarian Cult

Recently, a "controversy" has introduced itself to the Internet Community. Articles and reasonings have been posted, covering the running from a wide variety of angles.

This is a "Revelation Time", where those who have eyes to see can only conclude that Mystery Babylon is doing her ugly work in every aspect of humanity. 

One of the most bizarre parts of this work of the Antichrist is to infiltrate genuine movements, genuine gatherings of people who worship the Creator. The history of the Christian church is very revealing concerning these methods of infiltration.

Currently there is fierce debate over "The House Of The Fullfilled Rasta". What's going on with this?

The term "Fullfilled Rasta" is recorded to originally come from one of the original backing vocalists of Bob Marley and the Wailers. Judy Mowatt has some time ago converted into a "Born again christian". Her current works are sold on the "Lion of Zion" label that claims to release "true Christian music" in opposition to what they consider to be "idol worship music"(Footnote 1). She is scheduled to write a prelude for a book on "Rastafari" from that very same Christafari Cult. This book contains nothing but discrediting the movement of Rastafari and the Ethiopian Emperor after whom that movement is partly named. 

Judy Mowatt cut off her dreadlocks, and one of her explanations for that was that she now considered herself a "Fullfilled Rasta". This term is currently, completely in the spirit of "Christafarianism", "adopted" and transformed. 

A "Fullfilled Rasta" in the way it is used by Judy Mowatt, has a Biblical relationship and it has everything to do with the dreadlocks and the reason why she cut them off. 

For many Rastas, they wear dreadlocks as a referance to the Bible book of Numbers, the 6th Chapter. In it, the Bible is clear that there is a choice to become a Nazarite and grow the dreadlocks "until the time is fullfilled". After that, the locks were to be cut off and burned.

Judy Mowatt obviously considered her Nazariteship as "fullfilled". That is why she calls herself a "fullfilled Rasta". Obviously, she has never seen this as the name for a "new house of Rastafari".

But all of this hasn't stopped one particular person to use this term as name for exactly that: a new house of Rasta. As this update will expose, this whole "fullfilled Rasta" thing is nothing but yet another infiltration attempt from the CHRISTAFARI CULT to corrupt the movement of Rastafari. And they are not reluctant in abusing artist's names to give themselves some form of alleged credibility in the eyes of people, not JAH RASTAFARI.

For this is not the first time, that from the Christafari Cult attempts are done to infiltrate the movement of Rastafari. Officially, the Cult's position it that "it is seriously misleading for a Christafarian to call himself a Rasta" but that doesn't stop individual Christafari Worshippers from still doing it.

When the founder of the Christafari Cult, "Pastor" Mark Mohr, "gave his life to christ" as they call it, he vowed to his newly found "god" that he would "plant a christafarian church in Jamaica". That didn't work out, so he did it on Trinidad. 

Currently, there is this church in Trinidad called "The Gathering". This church is also "planted" by "Pastor Mark Mohr", but is currently spearheaded by  Christafari's "house Rasta", known as "Brenton Cherry, Ras B, Iton-I", as well as a variety of other names.

This person has stated publicly that he wanted to found the "House Of The Order Of The Messianic Rasta". Whether that would involve this "christafarian church" called "The Gathering" or not, remains unsure. 

Officially, the Christafari Cult is not related to these attempts to create "new houses of Rastafari". But the "Fullfilled Rastas" (primarily a female org, by the way) are actively trying to gather signatures to get them into the "acceptance process" by posting on the Lion of Zion website (FOOTNOTE 2).

Further checking shows how this "Rasta-ness" of these UNDERCOVER CHRISTAFARIANS contains nothing about the Ethiopian Emperor. Those within Rastafari who do not believe the Ethiopian emperor to be Jah Rastafari Incarnated, follow His Teachings that basically state the Emperor is an Ikon of Christ. But for the Fullfilled Rasta even that is giving HIM too much credit. They consider themselves to be an:

"alternative house for Rasta who do not view his majesty as Jah or Christ or an Icon, but rather view Christ as Jah an King! (therefore distinct from di Twelve Tribe House)..." (LINK)

Needless to say, that this whole "Fullfilled Rasta" thing has nothing to do with Rasta and that obviously doesn't go unnoticed from with that movement. Under the title "Internet Rasta", a serious warning goes out from an article written by Ras Ravin-I, you can read the following comments:

"now we have the “fulfilled” Rastas, the original concept and tenets of Rastafari is being silently and skillfully diverted away from its Afrocentric spiritual base to satisfy the slave master’s need to remain in control of our labor, these posers who are still colonized and indoctrinated with European Christianity and religious beliefs, they want nothing more than to retain control of the way they have educated us to “see” God." (LINK)

Ras Ravin is unknown to me, personally. I just read his article, which was sent to me by a visitor of the Dubroom. I also didn't check the "Fullfilled Rasta" controversy, as I knew who was behind it. 

I've had my problems with the person who is now trying to get this "Fullfilled Rasta House" into the movement. As soon as I wrote and published a book on the Christafari Cult, I have been attacked by this individual. She has cursed me, treated me with racism and has even stalked me to make me stop exposing that dangerous cult "Christafari", which is a threat to all Rastas, Christian, Yesus Dread, all true disciples of the true Black Christ!

I've had my problems with the Christafari Cult, even for over seven years before I published my exposee on this dangerous cult that uses charicatures of Rasta and Christian on order to get themselves a position to make people New World Order "Christians".

They have abused my name too, in order to get themselves some credibility or simply because they have to imitate everything they see as a matter of spiritual virtue in their cultic religion.

I didn't really follow the "fullfilled rasta" events, until someone wrote me about it. Pointed me towards certain threads. To my shock, I saw somebody asking if this "new house of the fullfilled rasta" was the same as Messian Dread. The founder of this "fullfilled rasta house" then had the nerve to say "it depends".

Well, let me speak for myself. The answer should have been a big fat NO.

I have known for years now, that my name is being used and abused by these christafarians. They use my name until such an extend, that they make people think they are "like messian dread" but in reality they are christafarians!

They want to "convert" Rastas to become NEW WORLD ORDER "CHRISTIANS".

So that is why I speak out against this. Enough is enough. I am a follower of Yesus Kristos. Messian Dread does not mean I think I am Yesus, Messian Dread means that I follow the Black Christ. I chant down babylon shitstem. I do not work with her. I am not a weeakheart that wants to fix up antichrist churches. I know that JAH says STEP OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE SO THAT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE OF THE PLAGUES THAT COE UPON HER FOR JAH RASTAFARI JUDGEMENT IS AT HAND.

There is no connection with Messian Dread and the socalled "house of fullfilled Rasta" or the "order of the messianic rasta" as the other house from the christafari cult is called. There is no connection between Messian Dread and the "christianity" where Christafari stands for.


I am a Messian Dread. I love Yesus, for He is my Saviour. I do not follow the White Geezus of Babylon. I don't want money for sharing my faith. I am independant. Only depending on JAH. I am not a Rasta because I am not of Israel. But I am a JAHLOVER and one of His creations. He made me a dread among this heathen neation so that none of them have any excuse not to follow JAH.

There is no group of Messian Dreads, there is no "House Of Messian Dread" other then my home and some of my tunes which are a bit digital, but I do not want to form no group. It is not my intention to change Rastafari. I'd rather let JAH RASTAFARI change me through the renewal of my thoughts.

This "houses of Rastafari" that I know of, which are attempt from the Christafari Cult to infiltrate in the movement in order to make them slaves of food doctrines, racism and the christian industry, do not respect the Ethiopian emperor. Their only thought concerning the Ethiopian emperor is "he is not god".

But that is all they think about His Majesty. When you say that the Emperor is an Ikon of Christ, or even that he is an elect of God, or even that he is born of Solomon, most of them in the most positive would tell you "that's your opinnion".

They don't see Ethiopiah in the bible. In Genesis to Revelation. Where it is so clear that the JUDEO CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION is right there all the time for people to learn the Kingdom of Zion. But none is looking. they all think they can call themselves Rasta when they happen to have some Carribean Connection. Kind of like symbolic: wanting to keep the exiled right there where they are: in exile.

One Love,
Messian Dread



-1- Christafari: "Christ alone is the Lord of my life. So when I listen to a reggae song that praises Rastafari, giving worship to Selassie, I get convicted. My spirit does not agree with this. I then have to ask myself this question: if Shadrach, and his brothers refused to bow to the false god when the music played, why would they then go out and buy a CD full of this same music and listen to it daily? They wouldn't!"

-2- "Fullfilled Rasta": "certain faction of Rastafari people who are NOT NYABINGHI, NOT BOBO, NOT TWELVE TRIBE, in as far as dem views pon Selassie, an certain key issues relating to Redeemption an Iternal Life (...) "




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