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The CRC Has done extensive research into the phenomenon of "Christafarianism", resulting in the publication of two (free) books, numerous articles and a huge archive of research material. In this special section you can find much of it back.



WWW, AUG 22/23 2007 - Bodyguards, a man beats a women, another man becomes agressive, the Star Artist makes kung-fu style kicks in the direction of a Dread just before he asks the complete audience on stage to protect him against the fire: welcome to another "great" performance of Christafari.

On august 22, Christafari held a concert in the "Destiny Church" in the Dutch city of Groningen. The Center for Research on Christianity (CRC) went to check out the spirits, and came back with a remarkable story.

Messian Dread reports.

When you're looking for a musical review of Christafari's concert, please don't read beyond the next few paragraphs. There really is not much to say about it, other than that Christafari is getting worse and worse each time I see them.

Besides, my brothers and me were not visiting the concert out of musical interests at all. We knew, that we would have to expect a Christafari at Flevo Festival 2007 (click for original)terrible performance by a terrible band with a terrible sound in a terrible place, and we were not disappointed!

Of course, never go to a Christafari concert when you want to enjoy some good music. After all, it is carefully crafted in the laboratories of the Christian Industrial Complex and designed to serve as the "true Christian" alternative to "the ever enigmatic Messian Dread and Yabby You". 

Not, that I want to compare myself musically with Yabby You. Yabby You is a true originator of Reggae Music and Christafari's Mark Mohr should be ashamed of himself that he talks about him and his musical clones as even being close to any "alternative" to Yabby You.

But it's not about the music at all, which is why this is not a musical review at all either. 

It's about the spirits behind the music, that's why this is the report of a spiritual confrontation between spirits.

The Spirit behind Yabby You and Messian Dread's music, versus the spirits behind the music of the "true Christian" alternatives Christafari and Solomon Jabby.

The Spirit of the Most High JAH versus the spirits of the priests of Babylon.

The Spirit of the Most High JAH in His Temple, namely the bodies of those who are born of Spirit, versus the spirits of Baal in their temple.

And it would all take place on that one location, the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The confrontation was scheduled on Visit Siteaugust 22, in a "church", which claims to  "walk with a mandate to claim dominion in earth" straight on the front page of their website. 

Of course, what better place to spiritually confront the "pioneer of Gospel Reggae" than in one of the Temples of the Christian Industrial Complex? 

After all, that's where Babylon's trading of souls is done in the name of the Saviour, which is Christafari's specialty!

As we prepared ourselves in the weeks before the spiritual confrontation, it seems like Christafari was especially drawn to visit Groningen, too. 

According to a Dutch Message Board, Christafari had turned down several other offers as they felt they were led especially to the "Destiny Church" to show themselves.

The people at the "church" apparently expected trouble: they had hired security personnel. Because we didn't want to show any ID, we paid the ridiculous fee of EURO 12,50 to enter into the "place of worship".

I had already heard outside how the band Christafari was introduced. A Dutch voice read a long legacy of... Mark Mohr! 

Inside, the first thing I heard was Mark Mohr saying: "We are not here to promote our new album". I looked to my ticket. It said: "Christafari, 22 aug, To the Foundation - World Tour"...

Then he said: "We are given the Gospel for free, so here we are giving it for free!". I looked to my ticket, that had cost me EURO 12,50. I looked to the merchandize in the hall that had their price tags on it.

Of course, I'm listening to a liar. A blatant liar. I'm used to document the lies as they are spoken by Mark Mohr.

In the meantime, we stood in the audience and observed Mohr as he had to turn on the automatic pilot. He was obviously not receiving any strength from his spirits, and turned to the audience instead for help.

He announced tracks like "Follow the Leader" (really), and desperately tried to get energy from the crowd, a small crowd by the way of about 150 at the most. 

One interesting detail was that he told the audience "Flee Temptation!" (an unbiblical statement, as the good book says to resist and fight down temptation, but to flee fornication), and subsequently invited little girls on stage to dance before the crowd.

Flee temptation, huh?

Mark Mohr went on and told the audience that they really had to give their life to Jesus, even if they had already done so. "I've done it for 16 times now", he was recorded as saying from the stage.

He literally spoke out the first name of one of the brothers that had come with us, and said: "XXX, you are going to hell". Then he made kind of a karate-kick move towards another brother, a dread who had been observing Mark Mohr in his desperate attempts to receive strength from his spirits.

He was obviously trying to fight the Spirit that is in us by accusing the brethren. He was obviously aware of the spiritual war that was going on and had to make some phyisical movements to reflect his inner struggle.

In the meantime, I had been outside of the building for a while to check out what happened here and there. People who were smoking cigarettes outside were told to go meters beyond the sight of the entrance. If they would not do so, security would come and increasingly put pressure on the smokers.

People who had a little bit of weed had to give this to the security personnel before they could enter the building. One "elder" of the "church" later told me, that this was to "prevent" "drugs dealing". 

There was a very tense atmosphere, both outside the building as well as inside. As I wanted to walk inside again, I saw a woman with pain in her eyes as she quickly walked out of the building.

I was soon to find out why.

A man followed her as she moved to a car. He pushed her toward the car and started to brutalize her, and screamed: "You made a disgrace out of me!". Security personnel dropped on the guy, but this is when another guy became hysteric and aggressive as well.

The demons were having a feast!

Or did they panique as they realized JAH people were in the house but couldn't see them?

It's not, that we hid ourselves. We walked around, talked to the people, asked questions, received answers. But why did Mark Mohr literally speak out the name of one brother who had come with us, and made karate kick movements from stage straight to another brother in the crowd?

Why did he, at a certain moment, ask the complete crowd to join him on stage in order to be protected against the lack of energy his spirits usually feed him with?

We did not ask ourselves these questions. 

We knew. 

We went there, fully armored and equipped and we knew we were going to see the priests of Baal on stage, even the "Gospel Reggae High Priest" himself, as they would desperately try to sell their "gospel", claiming that it's free, without the usual help of their spirits.

I was blessed to give him the answer after the concert.

Mark Mohr sat on a chair, and young people were waiting in a line to get an autograph. He was surrounded by security personnel like he was under some kind of heavy threat. It was actually a bit of a silly sight...

I walked passed the fans, passed the security, still invisible.

Then I stood next to him, and put my hand gently on his shoulder.

I spoke in his ear: "JAH is going to cut you down, man..."

In a shock, he turned his head and we looked each other straight in the eyes. 

I continued and said: "...if you don't repent".

I showed him exactly what he had to do, in action.

I turned around, and walked out of Babylon. Out of the Temple of the Christian Industrial Complex. Out of the "church".

Mark Mohr stood up and quickly walked after me, shouting: "Dread, Dread, Can't We Reason?"

When I was outside, my brothers were already waiting for me.

I walked on and one of my brothers told Mark Mohr: "No More Reasoning, Mark..."

The High Priest of "Gospel Reggae" quickly went back into the Temple. 

I hope he knows I could have cut his dreadlocks right there, just like Buju Banton tried to do so many years ago. I hope he realizes, that I didn't do it because I and I don't fight his flesh and blood and will not ever fight his flesh and blood as the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.

Spiritual, like the reason why he was brought to Groningen in the first place.

I hope he realized why he was brought to Groningen. Christafari seems to acknowledge that they were supernaturally led towards this confrontation, just like that other time not so long ago. 

That was when Mark Mohr contacted me a minute after I publicly announced I would no longer try to reach out to Christafari(ans) and he had to admit the supernatural nature of the event, but was unable to explain the reasons why.

Mark Mohr knows the reason why. He is a slave of the Christian Industry himself as he tries to keep as many souls under bondage of the Churchianity as he can possible can.

It would be a great joy to see him repent and step out of the Christian Industrial Complex, it would be great to see him walking out of that spiritual prison called "church" or "christian industry" where the faithful are the merchandize, just like he did so briefly in his flesh, when he walked after me and tried to "reason"...


He could have "reasoned" for a long time. That time is gone. 

There is only one word for Mark Mohr, and in fact for all those who work for Babylon Queendom in the Christian Industrial Complex. That word is, in the Name of Jesus Who is JAH: "Step Out Of Her My People, So That You Will Not Receive Of Their Plagues".

There is still time, even though it becomes shorter and shorter. 

The "Gospel Reggae Industry" may flourish, Mark Mohr may sell another 400,000 CD's of his false gospel of submission to the dominionists. Mark Mohr may continue to do his evil works as the parasite who wants to rule over the flock of JAH as if JAH does not hear the souls that suffer bigtime.


But one thing is definitely sure, and that date is set.

JAH Knows this date, we don't.

But the word is: "Jah Is Going To Cut You Down If You Don't Repent"

Step out of her JAH people!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread





Yesus Kristos


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